Combine PDF files

Instructions for combining pdf files

Combine two or more PDF files. Click browse and select the pdf file you want to upload! If you need to combine more than two pdf files, click the button "Add more files". After browsing all pdf files click the button "Combine PDF files" and wait until the combined file is ready for download! This can take some time depending on pdf files size. Finally click the download button to download the final combined pdf file.

Tips for combining pdf files

This tool will combine all your pdf files in the same row you used to browse your files. For example, if you want a pdf file to be in the first page of the final combined pdf file, you have to browse it first.

This is a free pdf combining tool

This is a free unlimited online pdf combine tool. We don't ask you to give us your email or any other information! We don't keep your pdf files, all files are being deleted automatically in 48 hours.